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Friday, April 16, 2004

dead, sorry. check here if you like me, and here if you really care.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2004

[hearing]Real Emotion(english) - FFX-2
[feeling]sightly tired

Snow days make Ed very happy.

turns out I didn't sleep at all the day before school started. I just layed in bed for eight hours. School was the same old pain. The art subsitute decided to grade me down on my deinonychus print block because it was 'centered.' With she graded down my friend's because 'it wasn't centered.' Ahahaha, I can almost laugh at it. Anyway, enough angst.

The costumes in X-2 are simply stunning. I wish I had more access to the TV so I could play more... Actually, I may make a FFX-2 layout.... >D bleh, now I am inpired to do so....

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Sunday, January 4, 2004

[hearing]eerie silence, the buzz buzz of Trogdor

So it's six AM and I am here. School starts in a little more than twenty-four hours. That is a really depressing thought. I really don't want to go back to that hellpit. Especially with my current sleep-til-two schedule. I wonder how late I'll be in bed today... Not long enough, I really wish I could sleep through school. All my classes are bothersome, pointless. Algebra and Chemistry seem so bleh to me, especially first thing in the morning. I'm not doing too well in those classes, partially because of the time, but mostly because I really can't get into the subjects. Yeah, yeah, they have concepts and revelations like that, that should be interesting, but nothing I can, I dunno, use. I'd rather study plot structure or anatomy ... stuff I can relate to... not logs and quadratic formulas and molecules and labs and crap. Brings me to art, uuuhg, make that INTRO to art. We do the most elementry things, and the majority of the class are complete idiots. A few months ago, we spent a whole three weeks on the color wheel. the color wheel. I learned almost everything about that when I was four. I wanted to scream. It was even worce than our shading lesson, where we drew still-lifes of pumpkins. Still-lifes that would never be in the same position day to day. And the teacher, Lilly is also an utter moron. She was pregnant and as bitchy as hell before she had her baby. (She named him Salvador. I feel so sorry for little Sallie.) Not to mention that portland public schools have no funding to speak of. I remember a day last year when there was no paper in the school, so we had to write out our hand-outs. Two of my teachers don't have classrooms, so they have to borrow other teachers. It's such a sad state. It makes me angry.

Vacation has been nice, not having to look at people, be in a crowd. All I have to do is look into the beautiful screen of Trogdor and all becomes right. There are many people I really connect with online, but they lay across the states. It's really kinda silly that we could be best friends IRL if we were only closer. Then that just makes me feel, i dunno, dependant. There are no crowds on the internet. No one can touch you online. It seems like an easy way out. But hey, crowded chatrooms don't scare me. Another reason why I am dreading school's return. Faced with seven hours of constant confinement, people looking, talking, moving, jerking, touching. I feel this constant pressure behind my eyes, willing me to duck down and run. I hate that feeling, I hate my panic attacks... Perhaps I should invest in becoming a internet hermit or something.

Lookit all that school angst. And now it is just about seven. I wonder if I will be struggling to sleep this time tomorrow. I wonder if I should just stay awake until eight or so tonight, so I will be sure to sleep then. No, I want to do things that use my brain tomorrow. And I am still halfway hopeful that it will snow again, cancelling school. I still want to work on my story, maybe finish a CG or two in photoshop, play X-2... maybe even draw something new, I dunno. Bleh, still debating whether to try to sleep or not.

Finally got around to watching FMA 13. I really liked this episode, and the animation style was really nice. There was a little more focus on Roy and folks, and I enjoyed that. I really like Hawkeye and her puppy Black Hayate. Also, Roy and his Gai-wannabe poses are a riot. Especially when Havoc started rubbing on his leg. The twist about the first town (the one in the first episode) was shocking, and it made me realize that Edward is still a kid and sometimes doesn't understand what he is doing. Especially in the episode with Nina... I like that episode alot....

I am feeling rather hungry and foggy-headed, so perhaps I should try to sleep again. Yeah, good plan.. eheh, ouch,

One man, one desire... in a city where you must fight to survive... he sold tortillas on the corner...

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Thursday, December 25, 2003

[hearing]"World Today" - Filter
[feeling]nuuuh, my head

I have a headache. AND TOMORROW IS FRIDAY WOO NARUTO CHAPTER. funny how that makes me more excited than christmas. I really feel like chinese food. I mean I want to eat it. yeah. ow.

I was playing with my dad's lame digicam today. it didn't end up working, stupid thing. but the flash is really slow, so I pushed the button and it wasn't working. I looked directly at it, it was then it decided to flash. right in my face. rjsg;ilsf ow.

I got some pretty acyrillic paints and I want to do something with them, but I am not sure what. probably Lee because I wanted to paint him a long time ago but never did. there is also something I want to do with my new inkpens bleh.

okay, head is really ow now, so I must do something that takes less brain. hahaha.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

[hearing]DDR stuff

Okay, so chapter 198 was really good. Not so much for the Neji part, or the sound nin part.... but purely for Orochimaru and Kabuto. I mean c'mon, Orochimaru+shower=yes. I think Kiba's fight with Sakon is coming up next, which is very exciting for me as a Kiba fan.

Episode 12 of FMA was good, I really like that Russel fellow, although the end was kind of cheesy. But hey, sometimes cheese is good! I like cheese, also milk MAYBE COMBINE BOTH OHOHO. :D

I have a new character for Haruka Kanata RP where I also RP Lee. My character is a genius snob who seems to have his own agenda. The roleplay itself is good, I like the moderator, she is really good, and most of the people there are very coherent in their posting. There are a few sues/stus there, but they aren't out of hand. The mod has put a ban on lost members of the Uchiha and people with demons sealed in them, although there seems to be one or more OC with a sharingan or two. My beloved Saffy is there, so I am not gunna complain. *locks Saffy in the closet* Mine.


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Thursday, December 18, 2003

[hearing]Get Over from Hikaru no Go

Geez, it really is freezing in my room, which sucks when I really wanna type something. AAAAA cold. Stupid weather, really sunny today, but frigid as hell.

Today was okay! Only one more day until sweet nothingness. I have not been locking forward to this for the christmasness of it, just for the time. There is so much I have wanted to to these last few weeks but couldn't due to being in school and doing homework. Lots of things to draw, to write, to edit, to design. but nooo, stupid homowerk. Bleh, and I have been somewhat sick for a few weeks. It's nothing bad at all, just it screws up my consentration. Meeeh, I have one more day to finish my Lyric wheel fic for Naruto Yaoi LJ.... mwwweh I shall do it.

Well, I have a bunch of bookwork in health to do, although I kinda want to draw. So I think I shall type somemore.

Saw RotK yesterday. IT WAS BAD. Yeah right, I lie. It was really good. I was tempted to tell everyone it was bad, just to see their reations. Seriously, I re-enacted the scene where Legolas lays that oliphant to waste twice today. Mahah, constipated elf walk. I am the loudest most annoying person at the theater, and I usually have to bite my knuckles in order to shut up. Some lady kept elbowing my friend in order to get me to shut up. Yeah... And you know those 'Stop Movie Piracy" previews? Some blokes behind us kept yelling "AAAR" durring it. Also, when the stuntman dude says "with a few clicks of the mouse you can have whole movies" I shouted that it is much harder than a few clicks, like you have to search for the title, check the bandwidth and the codec and stuff, and then you have to wait long hours, and stuff. A bunch of people laughed. XD I don't usually download movies, I've only done it once or twice, probably because I couldn't find it on DVD or whatever.

blaah de blaah. Wanna set up my art site, but I don't know the ftp address to Ali and my domain. What is itttttt, Ali, telll meeeeee.

Now I think I should do my homework. byebye good bloggo

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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

[hearing]Sink Beneath the Line - Incubus

Finally got around to making a new layout. yay fma, yay! and I swear I will start using this thingy again. I have a lot I want to say, but my blog was getting tiresome, but now it is okay again. bleh, I confuse myself.

I got new CDs! Three Incubus and the new Eve 6! :D But I also have tons of homowerk I should be doing, but I want to work on my lyric wheel fic for Naruto Yaoi LJ. mrr, so much to do. but yay, blog is active again, gogogo, blog go!!

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